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        BASF Trilon M Biodegradable Chelating Agent banner image
        BASF Trilon M
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        Trilon? M: biodegradable chelating agent

        Trilon M is a high-performance chelating agent that not only has the Safer Choice seal, but also provides an advantage from improved efficiency. 

        Trilon M is a biodegradable chelating agent that delivers a unique combination of safety, sustainability and functionality in detergents and industrial cleaners. With the EPA’s Safer Choice approval, this technology provides a non-toxic alternative to phosphates and other chelating agents without compromising performance.


        Lower concentrate, higher performance

        In the pursuit of innovation and lower costs, it is always important to evaluate your formulation materials and their sustainability. Compared to traditional chelants, Trilon M provided higher yield at lower concentrates across the board. With a lower molecular weight and superior synergy with strong acids, a little bit goes a long way. This unique technology increases cleaning performance.

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        Trilon M is 20-40% more efficient than EDTA or GLDA


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        The ecofriendly choice

        Consumers are extremely savvy - they read labels and are very aware of the products they use. So how do you balance the demands of innovation, label requirements and meet the needs of a growing ecofriendly consumer market? The answer is BASF’s Trilon M. This biodegradable chelating agent has received the EPA’s Safer Choice label approval as well as numerous other ECOLABELS and requires a significantly lower concentrate to meet the same performance standards of other standard chelates.

        Trilon M is a non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to phosphates and other chelating agents that provides multifunctional performance at lower concentrates.



        Widespread application and performance

        Trilon M Biodegradable Chelant 

        New insights into Home Care and Industrial & Institutional applications with an array of benefits.

        Trilon M Technical Data Sheet

        • Applications
        • Specifications
        • Typical physical properties
        • Shelf life

        CleanGredients? Product Guide

        Safer Choice formulations: trade names and chemical descriptions.

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