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        Live Chat
        Live Chat

        If you are located in the USA, you are welcome to complete this form. Please contact a Univar Solutions office closest to your area if you are located in Canada, Mexico, Europe or Asia.

        We are sorry we missed you! Our Chat representatives are available Monday to Friday 8-5 EST and are closed to observe major US Holidays.

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        Site Cleanup & Maintenance Support
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        ChemCare? Site Cleanup & Maintenance Support

        Keep your facilities running smoothly

        ChemCare from Univar Solutions offers a range of unique site cleanup maintenance services to help your business continue to operate efficiently. Whether it’s the interior of your facilities or your yard, our team can help you dispose of unused materials, clean up tough product buildup or whatever else you need to ensure your site is functioning optimally.

        General Services

        Our general services are designed to help you free up space and take care of general site maintenance in your facility.

        Free up space & remove clutter

        • Container disposal for totes, drums & old tanks
        • Product recycling
        • Product redirecting
        • Post-consumer management
        • Removal & disposal of unused equipment
        • Demolition & removal of unused equipment/infrastructure

        Site maintenance & cleaning

        • High-pressure floor washing
        • Product or resin build up removal
        • High powered vacuuming
        • Tank draining & cleaning
        • Product neutralization
        • Product rework
        • Confined space entry and maintenance

        Specialized services for your business 

        In addition to our general services, we provide custom solutions for a range of industries.

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        Request a ChemCare Service

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        Beauty & Personal Care Services

        Our ChemCare® experts can help you keep your labs and production facilities in top shape with a range of solutions:

        • Wash water recycling or disposal
        • Waste inventory consolidation
        • Unused product recycling, redirection, rework or disposal
        • Unsold material disposal with certificates of disposal
        • View additional general services

        Coatings & Adhesives Services

        We can help manage your routine production waste, including:

        • Waste solvent & resin disposal
        • Solvent waste removal & reuse
        • Heavy metal waste recycling and disposal consolidation
        • Flexible waste packaging solutions
        • View additional general services

        Industrial Services

        Keep your plants and facilities safe, clean and operating smoothly with these services:

        • Yard hazard removal
        • Waste pond dredging and responsible reuse or disposal
        • Tank draining, neutralization & cleaning
        • Tank removal
        • Old or unused product recycling, redirection or disposal
        • View additional general services

        Food, Pharma & Nutraceutical Services

        Our experienced team can help you manage regulated and food-grade products with the following services:

        • Expired product recycling, redirection or disposal
        • Off-spec product recycling, redirection or disposal
        • Dust or powder build up removal & disposal
        • Controlled substance destruction
        • View additional general services
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